Educational solutions

Our educational solutions are designed and built to increase the efficiency of schools. Our products take into consideration the user experience, and as such have been designed to tackle the most subtle challenges confronting the education sector.

We have built our systems to ensure they are reusable and also they are fully configurable, allowing us to add additional modules as required.

Automated Testing System

ATS is a next generation automated examination processing technology, which builds upon the strength of OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) technology to make it more affordable and accessible.

ATS consists of two products:

  1. Tueri Capture that is used to personalize and process answer sheets and
  2. Tueri Question Bank (based on JAMB and WAEC past questions) that is used to scramble and personalize question papers.


Esame is a stand-alone application that facilitates the use of OMR scanners for rapid information capture and processing. Esame is suitable for examination centers, larger population exams in a university (e.g. General studies), state-wide and nation-wide exams like JSCE and Common Entrance Examinations, etc.

The robustness of this application ensures that your data is never compromised and subsequent examinations can be configured with ease.

University Portal

The University Portal is an enterprise application that enables academic and administrative staff of tertiary institutions to efficiently manage their most tasking processes in an automated and simplified way based on their roles and security clearances. University Portal is feature-rich and easy to use.

It offers an intuitive user interface that can be learnt very easily and intelligently as it adapts itself to the user based on his/her roles, responsibilities and tasks.

School Pay

School Pay is a web and mobile based payment solution that is targeted at providing a payment platform for schools. Its a complete solution that offer additional modules as required for the management of the various facet of school administration. Be it academic, financial, social, etc.