Our Products

Automated Testing System

ATS is a next generation automated examination processing technology which builds upon the strength of OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), making it more affordable and easier to conduct large scale MCQ examination. This solution is used by educational institutions from examination boards, primary to tertiary level to produce personalized OMR answer sheets, question papers, and grade.

Tueri Esame

Tueri Esame is a multi-paper & multi-subject educational application which manages exams from the point of students’ registration to authoring, personalization, scrambling and printing of questions and answer sheets. It further scores and grades exams and generates certificates. Tueri Esame is ideal for state wide exams, national exams and multi-component exams.

The robustness of this application ensures that your data is never compromised and subsequent examinations can be configured with ease

University Portal

The University Portal is an enterprise application that enables academic and administrative staff of tertiary institutions to efficiently manage their most tasking processes in an automated and simplified way based on their roles and security clearances. It consists of students information management system, finance and bursary, library, scheduling and calendar tools, facilities management and student/lecturer collaboration systems.

This software is suitable for large universities and polytechnics. It is available both as a product and as a service for institutions with 20,000 or more students.

School Pay

School Pay is a web based payment solution that is targeted at providing a payment platform for secondary schools. This solution helps schools in fees reconciliation and reduce the amount of mental work required in managing payments.

BiMini Health

BiMini is a healthcare management system offering futuristic solutions for quick and easy patient registration, instantaneous profit and loss statement. BiMini is a software of high quality, usability with lowest maintenance & cost. Our healthcare management application on secured private cloud enables hospitals to track, record, retrieve, follow and also schedule every instance at the hospital.


A web and mobile solution designed to help government agencies block revenue leakages and increase internally generated revenue by up to 400% in a year