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Our financial management solutions provide clients with a reliable and secure payment system. With our experience building leading online and mobile payment platforms and the integration of revenue tracking and management systems into software solutions built for clients across sectors, Trusoft is your onestop firm for your fintech solution.


Custom software development is an investment as with any substantial investment. We guide our clients through achieving this critical step by building unique software solutions to improve operational efficiency and the bottom line.

Educational Solutions

We provide our clients with automated examination processing and school management systems. We build our systems to ensure they are reusable and also fully configurable, allowing us to add additional modules as required.

Medical Solutions

Our medical solutions are built to help clients ensure smoother operational efficiencies in both large and small hospitals. Our expertise in this area is unparalleled, as we have worked with key partners in revenue assurance technologies for Federal, State, and private hospitals.

Complete Turnkey Systems

We build customized systems that ensure your software works efficiently and accelerates the achievement of your business objectives while integrating relevant hardware and software. We also help our clients procure the best quality hardware, ranging from servers to desktop PCs.

Digital Talent Service

We connect companies to ICT professionals, software developers, UI/UX designers and engineers in Nigeria. Our rigorous soft skill and technical assessments ensure that only brilliant and talented candidates make it to your interview stage(s).



What They Say About Us

What They Say About Us